Is the app free?

It is completely free, and you can download it from the Overwolf Appstore.


Will HearthArena automatically pull data from my game, or will I need to enter things manually?

No worries! Create your HearthArena account and it will record your wins and losses automatically. It will also add it to your profile so you can review your stats whenever you want.

I’m afraid of getting banned, how can I make sure that HearthArena is approved by Blizzard?

Have no fear. There are tens of thousands of users that are using HearthArena Companion around the globe including household names such as Kripparian. HearthArena is a legit Overwolf app and like Overwolf itself, it's approved to use by Blizzard.

What's the difference between HearthArena and other deck-trackers?

No other deck tracker in the market provides a card tier list LIVE during your draft in the same simple fashion that HearthArena offers. Any other tracker works for constructed.

Experiencing any issues with HearthArena? - Please check out our troubleshooting article.