The Spawning Tool Build Advisor uses hotkeys for several in-game actions, including:

  • Ctrl+Q: Open the Build Advisor while in StarCraft
  • Alt+Q: Lock the build order window so it is no longer draggable while in-game
  • F6: Pause/unpause the build order timer in case the game itself is paused

However, we know that many of you have custom keyboard layouts to crush your enemies in glorious combat, so you can also customize these key bindings:

  1.  First, open up the Overwolf settings using the wrench icon from the dock. If the Overwolf dock isn't visible, you can open it using Ctrl+Tab:

  2. From the Overwolf settings, open the "Hotkeys" tab and scroll down:

In the bottom of the list, you should find the "Spawning Tool Build Advisor", where you can see all of the hotkeys listed and update them as you see fit. Close and re-open the Spawning Tool Build Advisor, and your new hotkeys should be ready to go!