We have gathered around solutions for some of the more common issues you may experience with Replay HUD. Please look through this list and try following the advice given here:

Replay HUD is not working (toggled off)

When installed, Replay HUD will automatically inject into your Overwolf supported games by default. If you can't see Replay HUD's "arm" message, please make sure that the app is Enabled and toggled on in your settings window (located in your Overwolf dock).

Why can't I see my keyboard and mouse clicks like in the Replay HUD commercial video?

By default, your overlay keyboard and mouse should be toggled on and you will be able to see it in your Replay HUD video. If for any reason you can not see that overlay, make sure that it's also toggled on, just like the Replay HUD itself.

  • Note - Open GL games do not support mouse & keyboard overlay

I'm pressing Shift+F9 / CTRL+Shift+F9 but the hotkeys are not responding and I get no Replay HUD message at all

Please go to the "Hotkeys" tab in your Overwolf settings and verify that you did not re-assign or uncheck your Replay HUD hotkeys. Make sure Overwolf and Replay HUD are injected into the game (you will see the 'Overwolf in-game' message and 'Replay HUD ready to use' message in the middle top of the screen). If both of these scenarios occur, the Hotkeys should respond correctly while in use.

I can't find the videos that I recorded with Replay HUD. Where are they?

Replay HUD videos are saved by default in your local video storage (C:\Users\'Computer Name'\Videos\Overwolf\Replay HUD). In order to modify the location of your saved videos, you need to change the location in your Replay HUD settings/Overwolf Capture settings.

How do I change video quality settings in Replay HUD?

The video quality settings for Replay HUD can be found in Overwolf's capture settings window.
You can reach those settings by either clicking the 'Edit' link in the Replay HUD window or going directly to Overwolf's capture settings (via the wrench icon on the dock).

You can make adjustments to the following settings:

• FPS  • Video Resolution  • Video Encoder  • Video Preset

Does my computer meet the minimum requirements in order to properly use Replay HUD?

When installing Replay HUD, it will automatically record in the background of your supported games, in-case you want to save a certain highlight. This means that the Game Capture will start at the beginning of each session of your game.
I this case, make sure your computer meets the minimum requirements to capture videos with Overwolf.

To see the Overwolf minimum requirements click here.

I can't view my videos in Replay HUD - My window is black / transparent and does not show what I recorded

Some computers use more than one graphics card. This can cause video display errors.
Please visit this guide to learn how to prevent these issues.

Why can't I see my keyboard lights lighting up with Replay HUD?

Logitech LED keyboards will now light up in sync with your replays when using Replay HUD.

For this to work you need to have the Logitech Gaming Software, version 8.85.215 or above. Please download the latest version at the following link.

By default, the piano keys are turned OFF. Make sure to enable them in Replay HUD's settings window.

If you have any issues, please start off by restarting Overwolf.

I recorded a video but when I hit 'play' the image is stuck

Our team found that updating your sound card driver is extremely important in order to record properly with Overwolf so please make sure to update your drivers.