HearthArena Companion is a tool that brings the HearthArena tier list straight into your Hearthstone arena game. Using it, you will receive tier list recommendations when drafting an arena deck.

How does it work?

  • Auto-detects cards offered - Scores the best card to pick out of the three options.
  • Auto-records your picks - Adds the chosen cards into a deck tracker.
  • Auto-tracks your deck - The HearthArena deck tracker will automatically display cards that are in your hand and cards that are in your deck.
  • Auto-saves match results - When you finish your matches, the wins/losses will be registered on your profile in the HearthArena website and you can track it after your arena run is completed.

How to use it?

Simply install HearthArena Companion via the Overwolf appstore, and create an account on HearthArena.com (unless you already have one).

  1. First open Overwolf + HearthArena, and only then open Hearthstone (doing it at the opposite order, might cause HearthArena to not recognize your active game).

  2. Log into your HearthArena account via our Overwolf browser in-game.


  3. Buy yourself an Arena session.

  4. Pick a hero class.

  5. Build your deck according to the the automatic tier list recommendations provided by HearthArena (the recommended card will be highlighted with a crown symbol).

  6. The deck-tracker tracks your cards in-game. It will allow you to see the cards that are still residing in your deck and the cards that you’ve already drawn. This way, you can look for the best play in order to draw the cards from your deck. Getting the card you need will give you the edge needed in any given situation

Experiencing any issues with HearthArena? – Please check out our troubleshooting article.