HearthArena Companion is an awesome app designed to assist you with arena matches in Hearthstone.
Please note that this app will only work for arena matches, and make sure that the app is running before you start the match.


Login / Registration issues with HearthArena Companion

The HearthArena Companion app was developed externally, the accounts for this app are not managed by Overwolf.
If you are experiencing any difficulties related to your HearthArena Companion's account (registration, email confirmation, login etc) please refer to the HearthArena subreddit.


Overlay of HearthArena Companion / Hearthstone not showing in game

Overwolf can only inject into Hearthstone while it is running on DirectX 9.
In order to ensure that Hearthstone is running on DX9 please follow these steps:

  1. Launch Battle.net
  2. Go to the settings
  3. Click on "Game Settings"
  4. Look for Hearthstone
  5. Click on "Additional command line arguments"
  6. In the text box type: -dx9
  7. Click Done


HearthArena Companion Crashes on start-up / UI is cut / can't see the whole app

The most common problem can be the screen DPI settings (especially if you're using a 4K monitor). Please follow this guide to set your screen DPI to 100%.


Error: "Evaluating options for pick #1..."

You may encounter this tracking error at the very start of the drafting process before you start an arena match. The error message will appear in the app as follows - "Evaluating options for pick #1...". This error may occur if your Hearthstone client has a top or bottom black border. In order to fix it, follow these steps:

  • Press ALT + ENTER in Hearthstone to enter window mode.
  • Set your Hearthstone client to full screen by your screen's native resolution.

Retry Evaluating the next card in your Arena draft or restart your Hearthstone client and re-enter the Arena draft.

Known issue running Hearthstone with Overwolf + Nahimic / Asus AI Suite

Thanks to our user community, we found out that there's a co-existence issue with Overwolf + Nahimic and Overwolf + Asus AI Suite.
Running them at the same time while launching Hearthstone will make the game crash / not display overlay.
This concerns all versions of Nahimic and Asus AI Suite.


Arena run not recognized properly / win-lose scores aren't showing correctly

Since HearthArena is working on PC only, it can only track your arena run while it's played on the PC.
Any progress you make on a mobile device (your smart phone, iPad, etc.) will not be accounted to your arena run by HearthArena.

If you want to start over a new arena run on your PC and it keeps showing the old run's scores, you need to enter HearthArena's menu and click on 'Cancel Run'.

If your issue is not listed here or you need any further assistance, please check out the HearthArena Companion Subreddit for more support related topics and information (maintained by the app's developer).
Please note that any account related issues should be direct to the HearthArena Companion Subreddit and not Overwolf.