Rank up your game with Eye Tracking analytics. Gaze equals attention. If your focus is in the right place during a teamfight, you have a better chance of coming out alive.

"No eye tracking analytics recorded for this match"

Here are some possible reasons this message might be displayed in the Game Summary:

  • You do not have a Tobii Eye Tracker running on your machine - See "Required Hardware" in the "How to Use" article for supported devices.
  • The "Analytical Usage" notification was declined or not accepted - We will only record data if you give us explicit permission to do so. If you accidentally declined this notification, please uninstall and re-install the Tobii Game Analyzer app, open the app from the Overwolf dock, and select "Accept" when prompted with the "Analytical Usage Notification".
  • The eye tracker was not plugged in when the game was started - Make sure the eye tracker is plugged in before starting the game.
  • The eye tracker was not able to track your eyes during the match - You might be sitting too close or too far away from the eye tracker, or leaning too far to one side. Note the position you sit in during game play, and test your calibration for this position (click the Tobii eye indicator in Task bar, and navigate to "Test and improve calibration").

Known Issues

Here are some known issues with the current version of the Tobii Game Analyzer app. We hope to be able to solve them in future versions:

  • The timeline in the Minimap/Radar Awareness graph does not line up and is not the same as the timeline in the Match Highlights section at the top of the Game Summary window. A work-around is to use the death and kill indicators to find corresponding sections of the timelines.
  • Deaths and kills are registered for the full time from match start to match end. In some games this includes the warm-up section of the game, and the number of deaths and kills might be different than shown in the Match Highlights.
  • Game Awareness and Heatmaps are recorded for the full time from match start to match end. In some games this includes the loading screen, the warm-up section of the game, or time between rounds, where it is actually ok not to focus on the game window. Consider this when evaluating your Game Awareness score. For Heatmaps this will probably not be notable unless the recorded match is very short compared to the time spent on a loading screen, between rounds, etc.