Rank up your game with Eye Tracking analytics. Gaze equals attention. If your focus is in the right place during a teamfight, you have a better chance of coming out alive.

Tobii Game Analyzer is an app that uses eye tracking technology to measure and analyze where you are looking on the screen and where your attention is during game play. It aggregates this data into insightful metrics that will help you advance your gaming behavior towards the behavior of the pro's. Tobii Game Analyzer requires a Tobii eye tracker hardware and dedicated software to be installed on your system (see section on Required Hardware for examples of compatible eye trackers).

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We are still only in the beginning of the journey of the Tobii Game Analyzer. We are researching and exploring the possibilities of new kinds of metrics giving more insight into your visual attention. We are also researching to refine and adapt the metrics for the unique challenges of each game. Stay tuned as we roll out new versions of the Tobii Game Analyzer.