Facecheck - A bad practice in League of Legends in which a player checks what's in a brush by entering it instead of placing a ward or using a skillshot to create vision from distance.

When you enter a LoL game you're actually facechecking, and blind as a bat:

  • Who are your teammates?
  • Who is the worst player?
  • Should I be worried about laning or team fights?
  • Is their jungler good or not?

Now you don't have to blindly enter a match - we Facechecked for you!

Facecheck is a FREE Overwolf app designed to show you MORE than just raw stats about all the players in your match:

  • Who's good in CS and terrible at warding.
  • Which player is not playing his usual role or champ.
  • How good the jungler is.
  • Tips and tactics to fight your laning opponent.
  • Types of damage the other team does.
  • Desktop mode that shows you what you need to improve to win more (TBA).
  • and much much more...

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Main Features

  • In-game overlay showing stats on all summoners.
  • Accurate, reliable and trustworthy stats.
  • Tips, counter tips and all you need to know about every champ in the match.
  • Auto launch when game begins.
  • Hotkeys control - no need for mouse.
  • Desktop Home hub with bite size stats, information and tools to help you win more (TBA).
  • It's completely FREE!

How It Works

  • Install Overwolf and Facecheck.
  • Run Overwolf, and when you enter a match the app will launch and let you know when stats are ready.
  • Show/hide the app easily at any moment using your customizable hotkey combo (default: CTRL+`).
  • When game ends, home screen will appear and show you key metrics and how to improve (TBA).

Important Notes

  • This is a Beta version - feel free to contact us at any time and help us improve our app by submitting bugs.
    Some issues and bugs may occur, although our stats are 100% reliable!
  • Official supported game modes are Normal, Ranked and Flex.
    The app may work on other game modes but we can't guarantee this for now.
    Data may also be seen in others, but this is not guaranteed.
  • The app is for League of Legends only.

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