CSGO Scout can be used both in-game and out of game. This article will show you how to make the most out of CSGO Scout step-by-step!


Out of Game

When you are out of game you can easily view your stats on the ‘Home’ tab:

If you’d like to view more detailed stats, you can click on the ‘View Detailed Reports’ button or just navigate to the ‘Reports’ tab:

If you’ve been playing games with CSGO Scout open, you can compare your stats over different time durations using the filters:

The ‘Tips’ section is the go-to place for you to select a map and get information on Plant Spots, Choke Points, Molotov Locations and Smoke/Grenade Locations:

When you have chosen a map, there’s information on the right side on how to play on the CT and T side of that map:

The ‘Settings’ page is where you go to choose your in-game resolution which will resize the app when you are in-game so that it’s easier to use:

You are also able to change your Hotkeys here for using the app in-game:


Everything outlined above is also usable in-game. On top of those features, when in-game you also have access to the following; The ‘In-Game’ tab allows you to view information on your teammates and your opponents that will tell you a little about the kind of player they are.

If one player, in particular, stands out to you, you can click on the "Detailed Stats" button that will show you a report containing their best maps, best weapons and their performance stats:

You can use this to adapt your play and work out which of your teammates should play in what position. Adding our Steam Bot will allow our app to pull in your most recent stats and obtain your current in-game rank. You can re-add our bot at any time if your rank needs updating.

Thank you for using CSGO Scout.
If you have any further questions or suggestions, feel free to email us at support@gamescout.gg