What is Minecraft Recipe?

Minecraft Recipe is an Overwolf app that helps you find recipes for items in Minecraft. The app includes all recipes for Crafting, Brewing (potions), Smelting & cooking.

How do I use it in-game?

To show or hide the app in-game (Minecraft), use Ctrl+F. You can also click outside of the app’s area to return the focus to the game without hiding the app. Also, all hotkeys can be customized from the app’s settings menu.

What is the Achievements tab inside the app?

The Achievements section is designed to help new Minecraft players follow a path that will show them how to craft the basic items required for survival.

Are there recipes for mods?

We currently support recipes for two mods; TNT & Furniture. We invite you to suggest more mods on our feedback page under the settings menu.

Which Minecraft versions does the app support?

Minecraft Recipe supports all versions of Minecraft. As longs as the Minecraft client is running, the app will be displayed in-game.

Can I use the app in modded versions of Minecraft?

A: Yes, Minecraft Recipe works with all Minecraft mods such as Forge, Not Enough Items & more.

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