Windows OS

  1. Right-click your Overwolf tray icon and hit 'Support'
  2. Click on 'Create logs zip'
  3. The location window will pop automatically, with the zip highlighted - send it to us :)

Overwolf failed during installation? Don't see the option to 'Create logs zip'? No problem.

Here you will find the step-by-step manual guide to get them logs!

Windows 10 / 11

  1. Close the Overwolf client
  2. Press Windows key + R OR use the “Find” button
  3. Type in: %localappdata%
  4. Press "Enter"
  5. Enter a folder named “Overwolf”
  6. Inside the Overwolf folder there is the "Log" folder
  7. Using a program like 7-Zip, Winzip or Winrar (they all have free versions), create a .rar (or .zip) file of the "Log" folder
  8. Attach the file you just created to your support e-mail/form

Manual guide video:


  1. Open your Mac Finder
  2. Go to:
    Local user > Library > Application support > CurseForge > Agent > Logs > CurseClient
    Local user > Library > Application support > CurseForge
  3. Send us these folders (you can compress them to a ZIP file if they are too big)
  4. Please add the following file as well: Library > Logs > CurseForge > main.log
  • Can't locate the folders? They may be hidden, so please follow these steps first:
    1. In the Finder's side menu, click the icon that looks like a house icon (if you can't see it, please enable it first through the Finder's preferences)
    2. Open the display function with the key combination “Command” + “J”
    3. Select the option “Show Library Folder” 
    4. Click on "Use as default" so that the folders remain permanently visible