Possible FPS issues with Windows XBOX DVR

Windows XBOX DVR feature allows you to capture videos and share them. The XBOX DVR feature in Windows 10 may be associated with capped FPS, freezing and crashing of games. If you experience any of these, this is how you disable it:

  1. Open your start menu (Make sure you are login to your Microsoft account)
  2. Type "Settings"
  3. Go to the "Gaming" tab
  4. Look for "Game DVR\Game bar"
  5. Toggle it off


**If you do not own a Microsoft account and still wish to disable the XBOX DVR, you may do so through the registry (Steam guide link).
Please note that doing so is more complicated and it's at your own risk, we recommend either the first method explained above or contacting Microsoft. 

Please contact our support team for additional assistance at support@overwolf.com

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