Wolfcoins- Troubleshooting

 I’ve get this ad which is not a video. What to do?

Some ads requires just a click, some require to go follow to the webpage and click at the bottom of the wolfcoin ad screen.

Is there a limit to ads I can watch?

Yes. Advertisers have their limits as well so you might see offers come and go.

Iv’e completed an offer on the OfferWall but didnt get my coins. WTF?

Please go to the offerwall and click on My Coins on the top right. Our partner’s support will take it from there.

I can’t register / sign in to Wolfcoins, what could be the issue?


Please make sure that both your username and email address are unique. Using an existing username/email address will cause the error: “There was a problem registering your account, please contact us or try a new username”.
If you already used the same email address for another account, you won’t be able to use it again.

Sign in:

Please make sure that your username and password are correct, both are also case sensitive so mind your caps
Got a message saying ‘Please activate your account‘? Check your email (even if you already have activated your account in the past).

I just watched a premium video ad and didn’t get coins, what’s up with that?

For premium ads, you need to interact with the ad when you’re done watching it.
Once you interact with the ad and it’s done playing, your coins will be awarded.

**Please note that these ads are available for the US regions only and their availability may vary.

I watched a few ads and didn’t get coins for them, is there a bug?

Probably not, please allow a few minutes for the coins to show up, in 99.99% cases, they return home safely 🙂

I referred a friend and didn’t get any coins. What’s going on?

Referral bonuses are piled up and delivered every once in a while (not after every ad your friend has watched).

Also we dont grant coins for referrals made by the same user.


yes Pro tip: click on ads from time to time to increase your inventory while supporting us.


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