Wolfcoins Miner – FAQ

What is "Mining"?

You probably heard of bitcoin right? How are bitcoins generated at the first place? The method in which bitcoins are added to the ecosystem is by participants who get rewarded for being part of the community. Each participant gets complex mathematical puzzle to solve, and you solve it by using your hardware. So you dont really mine like coal or gold miners do, but your hardware does needs to work in order to be part of the ecosystem. Watch this to understand more.


What does it do to my PC?

In order to solve those complex mathematical equations mentioned above, a real strong computation resources are needed. When turning on the Miner, your GPU (Graphics processing Unit) starts to receive puzzles to solve and it gets rewarded based on how much you participate.Bottom line, when you’re mining, your GPU is actually working although you dont see anything changing on your screen.


Can i Mine while i do other stuff on my PC?

Depends on the minig level you choose you can still allow yourself to keep on casual PC stuff. You shouldnt however mine while running heavy software (gaming, image/movie/music editing etc).


Can it damage my rig?

Mining is somehow like running a hardcore game, this is why we allow you to configure how much of your pc resources you want to allow access to. Allowing it to run all night for example is equivalent to running a game all night (although in mining only your GPU take part). We’ll do our best to keep your computer as we do with all of Overwolf’s apps but you should know that mining for a long time can accelerate the deterioration of your GPU.


What determines how many coins i get?

  1. The better your GPU is the more equation it can solve and the more coins you'll get.

  2. Although we take care of everything else, the value generated from the mining is mainly determined by the exchange of the coins we mine. Same as the Dollar can fall if something bad happens so does this coins.


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