What is Unknown Meta?

It’s time to level up your game with Unknown Meta – A tactical, meta snapshot of how you and others play PUBG. Now including a Twitch Extension!

Personal Performance

The Unknown Meta desktop app features a live map with useful information. The map sets itself according to your current game session, updates your location, plane path, kills and other important tactical information. All past sessions are stored aside for your convenience.

Live “Meta” Snapshot

Find how other players play the game using anonymous data from thousands of players in different ranks and regions! Unknown Meta crafts a meta snapshot of PUBG, such as popular parachuting locations, kills / deaths heatmap and more.

Your Twitch Companion

Are you streaming? Unknown Meta is also equipped with a Twitch Extension companion, allowing your viewers see how you play in real time. The extension adds a live interactive map on top of your stream, indicating your performance so far and stores your past game sessions!

Getting Started with the Twitch extension

1. Go to your Twitch Dashboard and click “Extensions” on the left side menu.

2. In the search field, look up “Unknown Meta”. Click “Install”

3. Go to the configuration page of Unknown Meta by clicking its cog icon


4. The following page should now appear. You’ll find there’s a field with a key, this is your Stream Key. You can always generate a new one as per instructions on the same page.


5. Follow the “Getting Started” guide below in the same config page.

In this guide, you’ll be asked to download the Unknown Meta desktop app. Here’s an elaborate guide:

5.A Once downloaded, whether you open it on your desktop or in-game, this is what Unknown Meta looks like on your PC:



5.B You’ll want to go to “Settings” from the top menu, and paste your stream key in the settings page:

Assuming The Jackson 5’s ABC is your Stream Key you’re good to go


6. All you have to do now is activate the extension:

It can be placed as a video overlay or a panel. We recommend using overlay. In the future, we’ll also support components (which is essentially another type of video overlays). Ideally, test both in different streams so we can cover all possible issues.

7. Start a pubg game. You should see the map updating according to your match both on your desktop app and the Twitch extension as long as the Stream Key matches.

Help, Feedback, Feature Requests & Bugs

Please send us your feedback via Discord (you should have access to a closed Unknown Meta channel), and of course bugs with as much detail and screenshots as possible.

You can also contact us via team@porcupine.tv

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