What Is TeamSpeak EZ?

What Is TeamSpeak EZ?

TeamSpeak EZ is a FREE Overwolf app allowing you to talk to your teammates during a game, even if you don't know them!

Connect to a VoIP room with 1 click only so you can talk, collaborate and win more games. When game ends, the room is closed automatically so privacy and discretion of participants is maintained.

This app is powered by TeamSpeak to create a unique in-game overlay that eliminates the need to register, sign in, open a server and send friend requests.

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Main Features

  • 1 Click to connect
  • Powered by TeamSpeak
  • No need to be-friend anyone
  • No sharing of personal details
  • Control level of volume for each member, or Mute them
  • Minimized layout during the game
  • No cost. At all.

How It Works

  • Upon launching a supported game (see list) the app will automatically search to see if other team members have TeamSpeak EZ.
  • If more than one team member has TeamSpeak EZ, the app will launch and allow you to Connect to the chat room. 
  • Pressing Connect shall add you to the room, and you'll be able to talk to anyone else who's connected. 
  • You may invite other players to download the app so they can also talk to you during the match using this link – TBD
  • The app allows you to operate basic VoIP capabilities such as volume, mute etc.
    You may also leave the room at any time. 
  • When game begins, we recommend you Lock the app to make it smaller and transparent to mouse clicks so you can focus on your game.
    Minimizeing will hide the app completely but still allow the continuation of the talk.
  • Once match has ended, you'll have 30s to greet your fellow teammates, and prepare for the next battle!

Important Notes

  • Requires TeamSpeak client in order to operate
  • Can only be used with other players with this app

Supported Games

  • Currently the app supports League of Legends, but we're expanding it fast!

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