What Is Legendary Highlights?

What Is Legendary Highlights ?

Legendary Highlights is a FREE Overwolf app that records your best in game moments and automagically gives you a video showing your legendary moments in that match.

The app works in the background, so you can play without any interences and nail those bastards! When you do, a short clip is created using Replay HUD app by overwolf.

Those short clips are then compiled to a cool, short video you can share directly from the app to your favorite social network or use the link and post it anywhere.

We recomment you add a personal touch by customizing your best compilations with a variety of visual themes and sound effects offered for free inside the app.

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Main Features

  • Gets all the kills and major events on video!
  • Automatic recording and video creation
  • Works in background, lag free
  • Personalization with awesome visual themes and sound effects
  • Direct sharing to social networks
  • No cost. At all.

How It Works

  • Upon launching the app, or a supported game (see list) when Auto Launch is on, the app will automatically capture events on video
  • When match ends, all videos are sent for processing
  • After processing is done, you get a notification that your video is ready! Just open the app and watch.
  • You can personalize each of the prepared compilations by selecting a visual theme to wrap the clips, and also add a package of sounds effects to your liking. 
  • Customized videos will be added to your gallery when ready, while the original compilation is saved. 
  • Share each of video to your favorite network directly from the app or using the dedicated link.
  • All videos are saved locally on your computer (up to the storage limit), as well as on our servers. You can access the videos on the servers using the dedicated link for each video.

Important Notes

  • Legendary Highlights requires the Replay HUD app to operate. Replay HUD is also a "house brand" app by Overwolf. 




    • Legendary Highlights will offer to install Replay HUD if you miss it. We've got you covered. 
  • You can set the storage limit for the prepared videos from the Settings Menu

Supported Games

  • Currently the app supports League of Legends, but we're expanding it fast!

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