What Is HeroWatch?

HeroWatch is a FREE Overwolf app designed to show you stats about all the players in your Overwatch match, in real time!

When you play Overwatch, you want to know as much as possible on your opponents and your teammates quickly and efficiently.
HeroWatch identifies who is playing with you and against you, and shows you valuable stats that help you locate the weakest links, 
who to be careful from and more.

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Main Features

  • Crucial stats to understand who are you playing with/against
  • Auto launch when the game begins
  • Hotkeys control – no need for a mouse
  • Tips about how to play heroes and how to counter them
  • FREE

How It Works

  • Upon entering an Overwatch game (see the list of supported game modes) the app will automatically recognize players and fetch their data.
  • When data is ready, the app will prompt you to see it.
  • Show/hide the app easily when a match starts, after death or anytime you want with hotkeys.
  • You can check tips on heroes during the game as well. 
    For that, you'll need to regain mouse cursor control by using CTRL+TAB (bringing up the Overwolf Dock). 
    Use the cursor to control the app, and when done, CTRL+TAB again to hide the Dock and regain game control. 
  • The app will clear data when a match ends and will be ready for next round.

Important Notes

  • Beta version shows only Competitive data on a player – if a player does not play Competitive mode then no stats will be shown.
  • Supported Game modes are Competitive and QuickPlay.
    Data may also be seen in others, but this is not guaranteed.
  • The app is for the game Overwatch only.

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