What is Autopicker?

What is Autopicker?

AutoPicker is a Dota 2 in-game app developed by DotaPicker.com. The app will automatically detect the picks and offer hero suggestions based on enemy counter and team synergy statistical scores calculated from millions of Dota 2 matches.

Getting started and logging in

You should follow the guideliness in the app when you launch it for the first time.  To get started you need to:

  1. Click and open dotapicker.com through the app.
  2. Log in to the website.
  3. You will receive a special "Connect ID" and "Security Token".
  4. Paste the cradentials to the app and click "Apply".
  5. In the following image, you can see the "Connect ID" and "Security Token" inside the red marker.


Every user can store up to 30 energy. Every match in which the autopicker will be used will consume one energy. One energy will be regenerated after 12 hours the user does not use the autopicker. Powerups will be added, which will either increase the energy capacity or make regeneration faster. Personal users use alternative power and can use the Autopicker without consuming energy. 

Do you have a question? Feature request? You can drop us a line here!

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