DotaPlus – Troubleshooting

If you’re experiencing issues with DotaPlus – Please let us know!


1. The app stopped working

Please follow these steps:
Step 1: restarting DotaPlus:
• Close DotaPlus using the “X” button
• Launch DotaPlus again
• If this didn’t help please continue to step 2.
Step 2: Restarting Overwolf (also requires that you restart Dota 2)
• Close Dota 2
• Close Overwolf
• Launch Overwolf
• Launch Dota 2


2. I get old stats from my previous game

If you are seeing old stats from a previous games, it means that DotaPlus didn’t correctly detect your current game and is displaying old information. Please try to restart the app.


3. Can’t download the app from the store

Please follow these steps:
• Close Overwolf (you can close Overwolf from the tray menu or from the store menu)
• Launch Overwolf
• Open the store & download DotaPlus


4. How to re-install the app?

If you want to give the app a fresh start please follow these steps:
  • Open the Overwolf dock
  • Right click the app and choose uninstall
  • After the app was uninstalled, go to the appstore and re-download it.

5. I can’t see DotaPlus in-game

To avoid this issue please make sure that:
• Dota 2 is set to DirectX 9 (DotaPlus doesn't support hero recognition in DX11, as for now)
• Overwolf is running
• Overwolf wasn’t closed while the current game session was running
• Dota 2 isn't set to Open GL (Overwolf isn't injecting into Dota2 if it's set to run in Open GL)
(Closing Overwolf while the game is running won’t allow you to see Overwolf overlay until you restart your game client)


6. DotaPlus shows 11 players?

This bug can occur sometimes when one of the players have added a coach to this game session (We will add support for coaches later on)


If you still need any assistance, please contact our support team at

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