Overwolf TeamSpeak Troubleshooting

We have compiled a few known issues and solutions for the TeamSpeak 3 Overwolf overlay.

The most important and very first necessity to check is that your Teamspeak client is updated to the latest version (same with Overwolf).


  1. Overwolf TeamSpeak app won't connect / doesn't show channels

These issues might be associated with TS3 trying to connect to the server, try reloading your plugins.

  1. Launch the TeamSpeak3 client
  2. Open the settings tab, press on the plugin
  3. Uncheck the "TeamSpeak 3 control plugin"
  4. Re-check it
  5. Press the "Reload All" button (in the bottom of the window)
  1. Can't see TeamSpeak notifications in game

Let us check if your notifications are on by following these steps:

  1. Right click on the Overwolf icon in the windows tray bar
  2. Open the settings menu
  3. Press on the notifications tab
  4. Make sure that all the checkboxes are checked under the "In-game" column
  5. Click Save

Notifications in League of Legends: Note that in League of Legends the notifications are toggled off by default, if you wish to see them just follow the guide above and uncheck the "Don't show notifications when playing League of Legends."

  1. TeamSpeak won't inject into the game or won't work with Overwolf

The best way to integrate TS with Overwolf is to activate TS in-game while Overwolf is already injected, try following these steps the next time you use the TS overlay:

  1. Make sure that Overwolf is running
  2. Start your game
  3. Overwolf injects to that game, make sure of that by clicking alt+tab, you should see the Overwolf dock (make sure your game is supported)
  4. Use the Overwolf TS app to launch TS
  1. Running TeamSpeak as admin

If you choose to run TeamSpeak as admin, make sure you also start up Overwolf as admin.
Any mismatch might cause the Overwolf TeamSpeak plugin result in a failure connecting to the TeamSpeak client.

*Important note – when launching a game in administrator mode you may have issues injecting the TS overlay.

If your issue is not listed here or you need any further assistance, please contact our support team at support@overwolf.com

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