TeamSpeak EZ Troubleshooting


TeamSpeak EZ is a FREE Overwolf app allowing you to talk to your teammates during a game, even if you don't know them!

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In order to enjoy the app, follow those steps:

  1. Install Overwolf
  2. Launch Overwold appstore after installation
  3. Search and install the TeamSpeak EZ app
  4. You'll also need to install the TeamSpeak client
    – If you already installed it, you're good to go.
    – If you don't, launch TeamSpeak EZ app and it will prompt you to download the client. Accept.


Possible Issues

App is not launched when game starts

  • This may occur when either:
    – You set the app to Auto Launch = Off
    – There is no one else in this match you can talk to
    – The game is not supported

Unable to connect

  • If you see other players in the app, but cannot connect (no Connect button or failed to connect)
    – Try to close the app and relaunch it from Overwolf's dock/store

Using TeamSpeak in parallel

  • When TeamSpeak EZ is on and connected to a server, we recommend you don't try to connect to other servers in new tabs.
  • Disconnecting from the team's server will remove you from the room. You can always reconnect to the room from the app.

I can hear others, but they cannot hear me…

  • Try to check you mice, or if you're on Push To Talk mode. 
  • Restarting the app could also resolve the issue.

I connected, but cannot see the app

  • You either minimized the app and then you can open it from the Overwolf dock, or locked it and just didn't see the lock icon that reopens it.


If any of these steps does not help and you still face issues, please Submit a Support Request


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