Supported Apps for Tobii Eye Tracking

Overwolf now integrates with Tobii eye tracking device, which makes your game analysis sky rocket to the next level!

Now you can record, stream and get instant death moments video replay with additional layer that shows your eye focus during those crucial moments. So all is left to do is learn from your mistakes and become the ultimate gamer of all times. Ok maybe not of all times.

Supported Overwolf apps include:

Replay HUD App:

Replay HUD app gives you instant video replays of your death moments in game. There is no need for you to do anything but play, the video replays will show up automaticly on your game summary page once the game is over. With the new Tobii eye tracking integration, you can now get a layer of your eye movement on these crucial death moments and see where your focus is. This integration is available to anyone who has Tobii eye tracking with Alienware computers.  Learn more about Replay HUD.  

If you don't have an Alienware computer but you do have a Tobii device, you can still get a recording of your game with the eye tracking movements with our Video Capture app. Check it out below.

Video Capture App:

Video capture app lets you record your game in a simple one click button. No need to leave your game, the recording deck sits right there with you in game.  Now, with Tobii eye tracking device integration, you get a layer on top of that recording showing you your eye movement route. Futuristic stuff!  Learn more about video capture app here.

Twitch App:

Our Twitch app lets you stream your game instantly with no extra sign ups, just login to your Twitch account. No need to Alt-Tab, everything happens in-game. And with the new Tobii integration you can now stream under "eye tracking" mode and display to your audiance where your focus is going. Why tell when you can show right? Check out our twitch app here.


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