Streaker – FAQ

What is it?
The Streaker Overwolf app is the required accompanying app for our Twitch Extension “Streaker”.
The extension allows viewers to vote whether different in-game events occur or not, e.g. they can vote YES or NO if a streamer wins the next game or finishes in the top 10. The ultimate goal for your viewer is to get the highest streak of all viewers.

We strongly believe the extension can increase the engagement of your viewers by a lot.

Why do I need this app?
We use Overwolf + this App to collect live in-game stats to offer votes to your viewers in real-time.

Which games are supported by the app?

  1. PUBG 
  2. Fortnite
  3. League of Legends (as of June 7th, 2018)

*Future games will be added soon (Dota2, CSGO, Hearthstone, Overwatch)

Do I need to have a Twitch account to use the app?
Yes, you do, apart from sending in-game events to our Twitch extension, it doesn't do anything.

How can my viewers use the extension?
They don’t need to do anything to activate the extension. Once you enable it in Twitch, you’re ready to roll. That said, if your viewers want to be in the extension’s leaderboard, they need to approve it in their Twitch settings (puzzle button) on the bottom right of the player controls.

What happens if they get a vote wrong?
Your viewers start with 100 health and for every wrong vote, they lose health. If their health goes down to 0, their streak is reset to 0, but don't worry, we store their highest streak before resetting.

What are checkpoints for?
Checkpoints are located at streak numbers 5, 15, 30, 50, 75, 105 and so on (checkpoint distance always increases by 5). When reaching a checkpoint, health is restored. There is a limit on the amount of healthpacks users can use after reaching a checkpoint.

What is a healthpack?
A healthpack restores health back to 100.

How can my viewers use healthpacks?
Just click on the buttons below the health indicator.

  • They can use a maximum of 3 healthpacks up to the first checkpoint at 5.
  • They can use a maximum of 2 healthpacks up to the second checkpoint at 15.
  • They can use a maximum of 1 healthpack for all further checkpoints.

What do they get if they have the highest streak?
Fame, glory and a shout-out from your favorite streamer.

Where can I ask if I have problems with the extension?
Please send an e-mail to:
or hop on our Discord:

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