Playtime & Community rank

1. Overview

Overwolf tracks your playtime, saving your bragging rights for generations to follow!
Once you finish playing a game, the Overwolf Game Summary Screen will be displaying information including:

  • Tracked playtime information – session specific and overall playtime information for the game you just played.
  • Recent activity graph – a graph representation of your daily playtime for the game just played during the past 30 days.
  • Community rank – coming soon.

2. What information is displayed in the “Tracked playtime” section?

Let’s assume that you’ve just finished playing a session of League of Legends (just as an example).
The following information is displayed:

  • “This session” – the playtime you earned during the League of Legends session that has just ended.
  • “Today” – the total playtime for that calendar day playing League of Legends.
  • “Past 14 days” – the total playtime for the past 14 calendar days playing League of Legends.
  • “Total” – the total League of Legends playtime ever tracked by Overwolf.

4. Does Overwolf have to be running in order to for my playtime to be tracked?

Yes. All playtime information is based on Overwolf real-time tracking system (we do not pull playtime from game servers). This means that Overwolf must be running for your playtime to be tracked.

5. Do I have to be logged in to Overwolf in order for my playtime to be tracked?

The short answer is no. However, if you’re serious about tracking your playtime, we strongly recommend that you log in to Overwolf.
This will ensure that your playtime is correctly associated and saved with your Overwolf account, even in the following scenarios:

  • You’re using Overwolf on more than one computer.
  • You’re sharing a computer with other Overwolf users.
  • You would like your playtime saved so it can be retrieved when uninstalling and then re-installing Overwolf.

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