OP.GG: Frequently Asked Questions


What is OP.GG in-game stats?

'OP.GG in-game stats' is an in-game app that provides all the information available from the popular OP.GG website directly to your LOL match.

How does it work?

– Using Overwolf app platform & overlay technology, 'OP.GG in-game stats' can be displayed over your LOL game while playing

– Using Riot's API, we send the match ID number to the OP.GG website to receive data about the summoners & champions.

What is Overwolf?

Overwolf adds apps to PC games, with 300+ apps that help you win & have more fun in your favorite games. Overwolf's app store lets you run exclusive overlay apps such as Replay HUD, HearthArena & much more.

How do I use this OP.GG in-game?

– All you need to do is make sure Overwolf is running and that the OP.GG app is installed (from the Overwolf app store). Once you start a League of Legends match, the OP.GG app will search for your match at the OP.GG website.

– Show or hide the app in-game at any time using the app's hotkey (default: Ctrl+Shift+S)

– Once the match has started and all the information is back from OP.GG, click on any champion to learn more about the champion stats on the current patch or view your opponents stats 


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