Legendary Highlights Troubleshooting


— As for the 13th of November, 2017, Legendary Highlights is no longer supported —

Legendary Highlights is an Overwolf app that captures your best moments while playing, and compiles the clips into a legendary video you can watch, share and save.

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In order to enjoy the app, follow those steps:

  1. Install Overwolf
  2. Launch Overwold appstore after installation
  3. Search and install the Legendary Highlights app. You can also download and install both here.
  4. You'll also need to install the Replay HUD app
    – If you already installed it, you're good to go.
    – If you don't, launch Legendary Highlights app and it will install or prompt you to do it. Accept.
  5. If you'll uninstall Replay HUD for some reason, Legendary Highlights will remind you it is a must if you want the videos.


Possible Issues

App is not launched when game starts

  • This may occur when either:
    – You set the app to Auto Launch = Off
    – The game is not supported

No video was created

  • This may occur when either:
    – Legendary Highlights and/or Replay HUD are not installed
    – App was not launched (see case above)
    – You had mo major events – the app is set to record truly important events like kills, multi kills, goals or other main objectives achieved by you.

If any of these steps does not help and you still face issues, please Submit a Support Request

Cannot customize a video

  • A video can be customized as long as the original clips are saved on the servers of Overwolf. They are removed about 5 days from creation.

Cannot find a video

  • If you cannot find a video in the gallery inside the app, it may:
    – Be found in the browsing window you can acces from the control bar, that allows adding older videos back into the gallery
    – Have been deleted due to storage limit – the oldest videos are deleted to make room for new ones
  • If you wish to save a video premanently, you can copy-paste it to another location on you PC from the app's videos folder  

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