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Here you can find answers to most of your questions on usage of the app. We hope you find it useful.

How it works:

  1. Download our App on Overwolf Appstore and log in with Discord (Download Link).*
  2. Play Fortnite in any game mode and get points for your in-game performance: for kills, match rankings, victory royales.**
  3. Win coins and use them to redeem free gifts: Steam Gifts, V-bucks, Gaming Hardware.

* – If Fortnite was launched before Overwolf or App was installed, it is required to re-open the game (or restart PC in some cases) for a smooth experience;

** – Points for rankings and victory royales are given only in classic solo/duo/squads. Points for kills are given in every game mode besides Sandbox and Creative.

How to get one of the gifts:

  1. Click on “Redeem Gifts” button inside the App and choose the gift.
  2. In case you have enough coins, the chosen gift will be sent to your Discord Email within 24 hours (to the Email you used when registering to Discord).
  3. The email from will contain a gift code and activation instructions, or additional delivery details in case of a tangible gift (gaming hardware or merch).*

* – We’re always looking for gifts of value for fellow gamers! If your favorite gift is not in stock, please feel free to reach out to us and we’ll do our best to add it 🙂

App Keybinds and More:

  • Alt+1 in-game will show/hide the App;
  • Alt+2 in-match will show/hide the HUD;
  • The App may be stretched as any window in Windows 😉

Points Allocation:

As long as App is running in the background while you play Fortnite, you will receive points for your in-game performance, for the following actions:

  • Kills: +10 points for every kill in every game mode besides Sandbox and Creative;
  • Ranking in classic solo/duo/squads:
    • In solo up to +99 points for ranks 2-100;
    • In duo up to +98 points for ranks 2-50;
    • In squads up to +96 points for ranks 2-25.
  • Victory Royales in classic solo/duo/squads: +200 points.

Please note: to receive points for Ranking and Victory Royales in duo/squads, you will have to wait until the last member of your duo/squad dies, or to win in the match. If you leave the match before your duo/squad team is defeated, you will not receive points for Ranking.

Giveaway Formats:

We run giveaways in 3 main formats: Raffle, Challenge, and Tournament. Below is the logic behind each of the formats.


In our Raffles, the more points you have by the end of the giveaway, the higher your chances of winning.

For example, in case there were 2 participants in the Raffle and by the end of the giveaway the 1st participant had 75 points and the 2nd participant had 25 points, the 1st participant had 75% chance of winning and the 2nd participant had 25% chance of winning.


In our Challenges, you need to complete a challenge by the end of the giveaway in order to win. In case you’re the only participant who completed the challenge – you’re the only winner and will get all the coins, in case there are other participants who completed the same challenge – the coins will be split among all the winners.

For example, let’s say there was a Challenge for 1000 points with a prize of 1000 coins. In case you’re the only participant who’ve accumulated 1000 points by the end of the giveaway – you will get all the coins. In case there are 2 participants who completed the same challenge by the end of the giveaway – the coins will be split evenly and each winner will get 500 coins.


In our Tournaments, a number of winners with most points by the end of the giveaway win.

For example, there was a tournament with 10 participants and 3 winning places. The first 3 participants by the number of points by the end of the giveaway win and receive the prizes.

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