How to Remove contacts from Overwolf chat


Hey there!
I’m going to explain how you can remove a friend from your friends list in your Overwolf chat.
First, download and install Pidgin from here. Once you have this installed, run Pidgin go to Accounts and choose Manage Accounts, Press Add.
You will receive a page that looks like this:

Under the Basic tab:
  1. Set the Protocol to XMPP
  2. Fill in your username and password.
  3. Type in Domain –
Under the Advanced tab:
  1. Set the Connect to port – 5222
  2. Set the Connect to Server –
  3. Set the File transfer proxies –
Click add. This will load up your Overwolf chat inside Pidgin and let you right click on a user and then remove said user from your friends. When you load your Overwolf chat again, they should not appear again.

Happy gaming!

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