HeroWatch Troubleshooting

HeroWatch is a FREE Overwolf app designed to show you stats about all the players in your Overwatch match, in real time!

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In order to enjoy the app, follow these steps:

  1. Install Overwolf
  2. Launch the Overwolf appstore after installation
  3. Search and install the HeroWatch app
  4. Play Overwatch and the app will auto launch for you when the match begins and stats are available

Possible Issues

Home screen – issues message

  • Sometimes the app may prompt you that issues may affect its operation, or that it is not working for a short while.
  • Some issues are known and can be explained (here) and sometimes they are out of our control.
  • When the app is down, it is usually for maintenance and improving your experience with it. Just try again a bit later. 

The app is not launched when a game starts

  • This may occur when either:
    – You set the app to Auto Launch = Off
    – You closed the app (X+Confirm) after entering Overwatch
    – The game is not supported – the app works only for Overwatch

There are no stats for players

  • Stats only appear AFTER a MATCH begins (not in skirmishes).
    Wait patiently and the app will tell you when stats are available.
  • Unless it is a bug, you may not see stats (or partial stats) when playing a skirmish or unsupported game mode (see supported game modes here).

I can't play the game when the app is opened

  • In Overwatch, which is a FPS game, the cursor is naturally missing as the mouse is used to control the character. The app itself does nothing to your in-game control!
  • In case you prompted Overwolf's Dock using (CTRL+TAB), the mouse cursor is "enslaved" to Overwolf, allowing you to control the apps at the expense of controlling the game.
    To regain control of the game, simply hit CTRL+TAB again to hide the Dock and its cursor.
  • To control the app itself without the mouse cursor, we recommend using the hotkeys assigned for opening and minimizing of it.
    You can also re-assign the hotkeys to your favorites, through the app's settings.

The app shows "error" messages when entering a game

  • First of all – close the app and try again. This fixes 90% of the problems.
  • Check the region you set, in the settings menu. An incorrect region is very likely to lead to an error.

Not all players have stats

  • The Beta version of the app is showing only competitive stats of players. If a player doesn't have stats it means he is not playing competitive mode.
  • Please check the region you set, in Settings menu. An incorrect region is very likely to lead to missing stats.

"Player not detected" status – No data

  • When you see a "Player not detected" text on a player's data card, it means either:
    – A. There is no player to detect, such as if he left the game, unsupported game modes or playing against a bot. This is the most common reason, which is not a bug.
    – B. We couldn't identify the player's battle tag and retrieve his data
    – C. The API from which we get the data has an error

Using the app makes my last in-game action (move/shoot etc.) repeat endlessly

  • Sometimes, holding a key which has in-game action while opening the app makes the game think this key is still pressed.
    E.g. Holding "W" while opening the app may result in the character moving forward non-stop.
    To fix this, simply open/close the app again while NOT holding any game related key.


If any of these steps do not help and you still face issues, please Submit a Support Request


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