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HeroWatch is a FREE Overwolf app designed to show you stats about all the players in your Overwatch match, in real time!

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  • Q: What games are supported by the app?
  • A: Overwatch
  • Q: Why do I need to install Overwolf for using the app?
  • A: Overwolf is the platform that enables the app to appear inside your game and provides it with the data it needs. Without it, the app cannot exist and run.
  • Q: What stats will I see on players?
  • A: You'll see their rank, level, winrate, top played heroes and much more!
  • Q: How do you get the data on the players?
  • A: By identifying their battle tag, we search for their data online (like you can do in many websites).
    We process the data and display it for you inside the game. 
  • Q: Can other players see my stats?
  • A: Yes, they can. They can do it anyway by taking your battle tag/username into one of many websites connected to the Blizzard API that lets them retrieve those stats.
  • Q: What else do you do with the battle tags?
  • A: Nothing else – no one can see them or use them through our app. Your privacy is secured.

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