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HeroWatch is a FREE Overwolf app designed to show you stats about all the players in your Overwatch match, in real time!

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In this page you'll find information of the app's updates.

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  • Added Discord direct communication channel – chat with us from within the app!


  • Hotkey to switch Competitive and Quick Play stats changed to Alt+V, so it doesn't block V anymore.
  • Improved analytics
  • Desktop shortcut embedded


  • No need to select and submit Region anymore!


  • Brand new home page
  • Post game stats comparison with players from your matches
  • Added tutorial and link to app's documentation



  • Added Moira, a new hero.



  • Notification reminding the user when stats are ready if app is minimized when game begins.



  • App shows an "active" notification instead of opening the loading screen while in game's menu. 
  • App appears automatically when the match itself begins, and not before.
  • Data search mechanism improved, returning more stats in more cases
  • Less errors appear to the user .
  • More app analytics



V1.34 – Performance and data improvements, October 3rd, 2017

  • Performances were improved dramtically in opening, closing and response times
  • Data is presented in more % of games (depending if player's competitive stats are available



V1.0– PUBLIC BETA – September 14th, 2017

  • All new HeroWatch EZ is released to the Overwolf Appstore
  • Version is released as "Public Beta" – ready for use while understanding that issues may arise
  • You may submit a ticket directly to TeamSpeak EZ team if you have any questions, bug reports or suggestions here


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