G FUEL Energy Formula Achievement Rewards

What is it?

The Overwolf’s Achievement Rewards program hooks you with real life gaming products for completing in-game challenges successfully. This first challenge for League of Legends summoners is brought to you by G FUEL Energy Formula – The Official Energy Drink of eSports.

How does it work?

Where do I start?

  1. Start a normal PvP match on League of Legends (no AI, ARAM, custom and special game modes such as URF).
  2. Once the game starts, you should get an in-game challenge notification telling you which action to perform and what will be your reward. If you missed the notification, you are still eligible to complete the challenge.
  3. As soon as you complete the challenge, you will receive a second notification telling you to go ahead and redeem your reward on your Game Summary window.
  4. The Game Summary window will direct you to share your challenge achievement replay — DO IT!
  5. Sign in to your Facebook account and approve G FUEL's request to post on your wall, continue by sharing your epic replay.
  6. Once your video is shared successfully, you will receive a reward code in the Game Summary. Go back to your Game Summary window and copy your code (If you closed the window, just right click the taskbar Overwolf tray icon and go to 'Game Summary').

Participation requirements:

  • Live in the US and have a valid US shipping address.
  • Have Overwolf installed, running and updated to its latest version.
  • Launch League of Legends.
  • Make sure your Overwolf Game Summary window is enabled.
  • Must be over 18 years old.


Here are some frequently asked question, please go over this section and sure that you covered everything. Still struggling? Contact us.


  • What is Overwolf?
    Overwolf is a platform of apps for PC games. Our apps automagically appear inside your game, and help you improve your gaming skills, multi-task, and track your performance and gaming activity. We currently support more than 700 games and growing. Overwolf is used by millions of players and eSport teams worldwide, and trusted by gaming industry leaders such as Riot Games, Nvidia and Logitech G.

  • What is G FUEL?
    G FUEL Energy Formula, a healthy alternative to canned energy drinks, is a product of Gamma Labs. The rapidly growing maker and marketer of energy beverages helps give their fans the energy, focus, and reaction time they need to enhance their lifestyle.  Whether it’s through gaming, sports, entertainment, or any of life’s everyday challenges, G FUEL helps its fans do what they do, just a little bit better.

  • For how long is the challenge up?
    The G FUEL challenge will start on April 12th, 2017.
    The G FUEL challenge will end on April 25th, 2017.

  • What's in it for me?
    The first 150 daily players to share their epic win video on facebook will get a G FUEL 3-pack delivered to their home! Those who came in after get a 30% discount coupon to purchase on the official G FUEL web store.

  • What is a Triple-Kill in League of Legends?
    A triple kill is killing 3 enemies in a row. Each kill should be within 10 seconds of each other.

  • I killed 3 enemies but did not receive a win notification
    Make sure you met all the following conditions:

    • Achieve a Triple-Kill or greater in the same match.
    • Must be a normal PvP match on League of Legends (no AI, ARAM, custom and special game modes such as URF).

How do I redeem my G FUEL code?

  • G FUEL 3-pack code:
    Congratulations for your win! You now need to go to the G FUEL official web store to choose your 3 pack flavors. Add your choice to your cart and follow by clicking on “Checkout”. You can now enter your G FUEL 3-pack code under “Discount” to receive your loot at home!

  • 30% coupon code:
    This 30% coupon code is available only at the G FUEL official web store. This code will work on tubs, packs, boxes, shakers, hats and drawstring bags. Once you have chosen the item you wish to purchase, you can redeem your 30% off in the checkout under “Discount”.

  • What is the expiration date of the codes?
    Codes for the G FUEL 3-pack as well as codes for the 30% coupon discount will be valid until August 1st 2017.


  • Why am I seeing a notification in-game?
    The notification informs you of an available challenge tailored for you, which action to perform and what will be your prize if you beat the challenge.

  • How do I know if I won?
    A second notification will pop-up as soon you performed the required action and will tell you how to redeem your prize. 
    A confirmation of your win will be seen in the game summary.

  • I received a win notification but closed the Game Summary, what do I do?
    You can re-open the game summary by clicking on the taskbar Overwolf tray icon and choose "game summary".

  • In-game notification is interrupting my gameplay, how do I turn it off?
    Both notifications will appear only ONCE. We don't want to ruin your game experience in any way.

  • I saw the win notification in game, but see nothing in game summary
    Make sure you didn't disable the Game Summary or GIFcam\Replay HUD. If they are both enabled, please contact Overwolf Support. 

  • What if I do not want to participate?
    You can disable the Game Summary so you won't receive any event notification in your next run. Please note that disabling the Game Summary will remove your game highlights (kills, headshots, death… etc).


Gfuel Overwolf banner

Share issues

  • I can’t share my video
    Please make sure to contact the Overwolf Support with a screenshot of your Game Summary window.

  • I don’t see my browser window so I cannot share
    In order to share your video, Overwolf will use its own browser to pop the Facebook login. Pick it up from your taskbar if you don't see it.

  • I shared my video, how do I get my prize?
    The code of your prize will be available in the Game Summary. Go back there to redeem it!

  • I shared my video but did not receive a prize
    Contact Overwolf Support with a link to your shared video post.

Are there going to be more challenges?
Yes! As long as our gamers take part in challenges, we will keep them coming!

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