Game Summary – Folder Management

The folder management is designed to help you understand the size of your media folder. It shows you at any moment exactly how much space is used by your hard drive for the Game Summary video files.

The space used by the media folder is a factor of two parameters:

1. Is Replay HUD installed?
When installed, Replay Hud is used by the Game Summary to capture high-res videos for your game highlights. When installed, all capture settings are done via the Replay Hud settings, and not through the Game Summary settings.

2. Is Auto-manage on or off?

In the Game Summary settings and in the Replay Hud settings, you can determine how you want to manage your media folder:

  • When auto manage is on – size limitation on the folder is active. Once the folder reaches its size limit, auto manage will kick in, and new video files will be written over older files, oldest files first (FIFO). The label will read "reserved space".
  • When auto manage is off – there is no size limitation on the media folder, so no files will ever be deleted automatically. this also means, that unless you manage it on your own, this folder will only grow in size as you keep playing and save more and more video files. The label will read "used space" and it will show you just how much space is being currently used up.

The folder management will always show you exactly how much space is taken by your media folder, whether capturing by Replay Hud or Game Summary, whether it's auto-managed or not.

It also allows you quick access to:

  • The media folder if you wish to manually review your video files.
  • The relevant settings screen (Replay Hud or Game Summary) to manage your preferences.



Space label

Tooltip text

Auto-manage on

Reserved space

X GB are reserved on your hard drive for the media folder. Older files will be deleted when the size limit is reached.

Auto-manage off

Used space

X GB are used by the media folder. Turn on Auto manage space to limit the folder size, or manually delete unwanted files.


Open folder link

Manage space link

ReplayHUD active

ReplayHUD video folder

ReplayHUD settings

GIFcam active

all media files from the GIFcam should be kept in the same place, with a folder managed as indicated above.

Game Summary settings


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