Legendary Builds – FAQ

How many pro-players are being tracked in the Legendary Builds app?

We track hundreds of pro-players and keep updating our database with new ones on a regular basis. If you know about pro-players that we don’t show, please contact us through our feedback page.

Why do other tracking sites show games that are not shown in the Legendary Builds app?

Most of the time when this happens the game in question was too short or a remake.
These games don't yield that much value for our users so we don't display them.

Why does it take time for the builds to be loaded?

Our database is constantly being updated with new builds, so it might take a few seconds for the new data to be loaded in your app.

I want to see the builds of a specific player / team, how can I do that?

Just go to the settings menu, click on “Filter Professional Players” and search for your favorite player or team and select them. From now on, you’ll only see your selected player/s builds.

Why do you need me to insert my summoner name and region?

Your summoner name and region are necessary in order to get your live data from the Riot database. Legendary Builds is supposed to automatically detect your summoner and region, but it might have some difficulty to get it in very rare scenarios, in these cases we’ll ask you to provide them manually.

How can I go back to the “champion select” window while I’m in game?

While you are in-game, Legendary Builds automatically detects your champion, so there’s no way to go to the “Champion select” window.

What is the reason that I don’t see any build in the “My Build” section?

“My build” shows your most recent played (ranked) build with the selected champion, this data is available only for level 30 summoners, so if your level is below 30 or you didn’t play with that champion in the past, “My build” will be empty.

I want to send you my feedback on Legendary Builds.

Please write your feedback on our feedback page.

I don’t like the default hotkey combination (Ctrl+p), how can I change it?

You can easily change it by going to the Legendary Builds settings menu and selecting a different hotkey.



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