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Here are some frequently asked questions, please go over this section and make sure that you covered everything.

Schedule of the event

Weekend #1
Starts: Sat Jan 19th, 2019 00:00 AM EST
Ends: Mon Jan 21st, 2019 07:00 AM EST

Weekend #2
Starts: Sat Jan 26th, 2019 00:00 AM EST
Ends: Sun Jan 27th, 2019 23:59 AM EST

*The esports King Challenge will run across three games. Winning is limited to one game only and only once per player.


  • Check out the Terms of this campaign and make sure that you meet all the requirements.
  • I completed the challenge but did not receive a win notification in-game
    Make sure you met all the following conditions:

    • Live and play in the US & UK (sorry but this challenge is for the US & UK only).
    • Achieve the challenge’s goal as per the game you chose:
      • League of Legends – play 5v5 in Summoner Rift with the exemption of bot games and custom games, score a “Triple-kill” and win the match.
      • CS:GO – play a competitive game, eliminate three enemies in a single round, and win the round.
      • Rocket League – play a game in a competitive 3v3 standard or a competitive 3v3 solo standard, score three goals in a single match, and win the match.
    • PC only, no consoles.
    • Have Overwolf installed, updated and running during the game (with the app Game Summary enabled through the game overlay settings – check out this video to make sure you got this covered!)
    • Own a Twitter account and a PayPal account to redeem your prize.
  • Can I win more than once?
    The esports King Challenge will run across three games. Winning is limited to one game only and only once per player. Every participant can only win one $5 transfer. Qualifying more than once, or even in a different weekend/game of the challenge, won’t get you another reward.
  • I don’t have a Twitter / Paypal account(s)
    The 5$ reward can only be transferred to you via Paypal, you can create an account for free.
    Sharing the win on Twitter via the Game Summary is a must for getting the reward, no exceptions here and also no using another person’s account (can only win once, avoid sharing the same PC as well).
  • Can I somehow participate if I don’t live and play in the US & UK right now?
  • I do not live in the US/UK / I used to live in the US/UK / I’m from the US/UK but visiting another country right now
    Sorry but all of the above do not meet the requirements to participate in this challenge. You have to be a US/UK resident, with a valid home address, and complete the challenge while being in the US/UK, no exceptions.
  • Can I participate in the challenge playing on a console?
    No, Overwolf is an app store with apps for PC games only, this is why all Overwolf campaigns and challenges are exclusive for PC.


  • Why am I seeing a notification in-game?
    The notification informs you of an available challenge tailored for you, which action to perform and what will be your prize if you beat the challenge.
  • How do I know if I won?
    This challenge has 3 in-game notifications:

    • The first – You will see it only once, when you start playing a match of the challenge’s supported modes, it will let you know that the challenge is on.
    • The second – once you complete the first objective of the challenge (triple-kill in LoL &CSGO or 3 goals in Rocket League, according to the terms above) this second notification will show to let you know.
    • The third – Upon fully completing the challenge, a third notification will announce your achievement and ask you to close the game in order to see the Game Summary, share your replay and get your prize.
      Please note – You can still continue to play (for example, a round in CS:GO doesn’t mean the match ended and we wouldn’t want you to ditch your teammates halfway!), it’s just important that you don’t close the game before you see the third notification, anytime after is completely fine, the Game Summary is patient and will wait for you!
  • I received a win notification but closed the Game Summary, what do I do?
    You can re-open the game summary by clicking on the taskbar Overwolf tray icon and choose “Game Summary”.
  • I forgot to tweet my win, played another game, and now my Game Summary doesn’t show me the winning message anymore – 
    You can click on the Game Summary’s icon that looks like 3 cards, at the top right, and navigate to a previous game you played, the message will still wait there for you.
  • In-game notification is interrupting my gameplay, how do I turn it off?
    Notifications will appear only ONCE. We don’t want to ruin your game experience in any way.
  • I saw the win notification in game, but see nothing in Game Summary –
    Make sure you didn’t disable the Game Summary.
  • What if I do not want to participate?
    You can disable the Game Summary so you won’t receive any event notification in your next run. Please note that disabling the Game Summary will remove your game highlights (kills, headshots, death… etc).

Share issues

  • I can’t share my video
    Make sure to close the game after your got the win notification, only this way Game Summary will open with the share option! If the Game Summary did not open, or it opened and you saw an error, contact our support with a screenshot of your Game Summary.
  • I don’t see my browser window so I cannot share
    In order to share your video, Overwolf will use its own browser to pop the Twitter login. Pick it up from your taskbar if you don’t see it.
  • I shared my video, how do I get my prize?
    Once you shared your video you will see a button to connect to PayPal – click it! you will be asked to log in to PayPal and then $5 will be transferred directly to your account (make sure to have your paypal account verified).

    • *Please note that the reward is given in US dollars and is always $5 (not Euro, GBP or any other currency )
    • **Please note that UK residents will receive 5 US dollars and can convert it to their primary currency. Exchange rates apply.

If you have any questions regarding the redeem process – worry not – we have created a video to show you how it looks! Please note that this video shows an older challenge which was for Fortnite, however this time the challenge does not include Fortnite.

  • I do not have a PayPal account
    You can easily create a PayPal account through the PayPal connect dialog.
    Don’t forget to verify your email, or it won’t let you log in and claim your reward. You can’t use the same paypal account to claim more than one reward, so no Paypal sharing with other people.
  • I shared my video through the Game Summary but did not receive a PayPal button
    Please make sure to contact the Overwolf Support with a screenshot of your Game Summary window.
  • I shared my video – how do I know if I won the $2500 Alienware gaming rig?
    Once you shared your video you are automatically in for the raffle. Follow our twitter account, the winner will be announced at the end of the campaign.
  • I saw the win notification in-game but I don’t see any Game Summary!
    The Game Summary will only pop up after you close the game, and you close and it still didn’t, make sure that your Game Summary was enabled, if it wasn’t, your win didn’t qualify, enable it and try again.

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Are there going to be more challenges?

Yes! As long as our gamers take part in challenges, we will keep them coming!


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