Legendary Builds Changelog

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In Continuation of our backend changes we introduced lazy-loading to the app.
This should improve initial loading times and prevent performance issues on the backend.
Data needed for the Detail-view now will be loaded on demand when you navigate to the respective view instead of upfront with the overview data.

App Start

  • [Fix regression 2.1] User will no longer be asked for summoner info over and over again in cases where there there are problems with the automatic detection and infos are provided through input

Mini View

  • [Fix regression 2.0] When shown automatically after dying, ingame clicks will correctly close the mini-view again

We have a big patch for you, not neccessarily in the amount of new features, but regarding the context of it.
We did some improvements on our backend, DB and algorithms to be able to provide more cool features going forward.
Continue reading to get an idea for our plans, or skip down to the TLDR list of changes to just get the gist of it.

CLG build indicators on Champion Select view
Want to check what champions CLG plays in solo-queue nowadays?
You now can get an idea of that in our desktop version, showing you indicators on the champions that offer CLG builds.
Make sure you have the "clg experience" option checked in the settings to use this feature.





Matchup Information
The Information you get from the builds we aggregate for you is pretty isolated from the actual game context at the moment, which is not always helpful to evaluate which build might fit your current situation.
This will change in the future, as we will add better filtering options and mote information for you to assess which build you want to use.
We start off with showing you the lane matchup that a match was played in, for now only shown when you enter the detail-view for a build.
We plan on expanding on this idea and would be glad to get input from you regarding the content and the style of presentation that you would consider most valuable.

More features for user-builds
We treated your own builds like second class citizens so far, but this will now change.
You can now use your own latest ranked build just like the Competitive builds.
Compare your current game's progress to your latest ranked game or check what build-path or skill-order you did.
Make sure you have not checked "disable my own build" option within the settings to check out this change.

  • [Assets] Urgot updated
  • [UX] The title-bar is a bit more quite now to not draw that much focus away from the important things.

Champ Select

  • [Feature] You can now see an indicator on the champion images if they offer builds for the latest patch

Builds Overview

  • [Feature] User build row now offers the detail and mini view too
Build Details
  • [Feature] The Lane Matchup now is shown in the build-bar for the shown Match.
    Sometimes this might be off, but we improved our algorithm that tries to mitigate cases where the data we get from RIOT is ambiguos or simply wrong when it comes to lane/role information.
    Feel free to report Matches (player + champion + role + opponent) so we can continue to improve our algorithm for edge cases.
  • [Fix] Show the correct patch in the details bar instead of the latest available.

TLDR: Automatic summoner detection is back and champion detection is more reliable now.

  • [Feature] Automatic summoner detection added back in
    Summoner Information will be detected automatically again. This happens on each App-start, so using the same computer with multiple League accounts should not need manual input.
  • [Feature] Champion detection now is more reliable (especially for Players on Garena Servers)
  • [Feature] League patch is now displayed alongside the time when a build was used.
    Shown within the build-avatar and on top of the detail view
  • [UX] Tooltips now have a very slight delay to prevent showing them when moving the mouse around quickly
Builds Overview
  • [Fix] Link to champion.gg for ADC Role fixed (top builds analysis avatar)
  • [Fix] Tooltips on detail / mini view button restored
  • [Fix] CLG builds now shown in "competitive builds" section when filtering for clg players while having clg-experience enabled
    Previously they were not shown to prevent duplicated builds with the CLG builds section. But this seems be more detrimental then beneficial, so we removed that behaviour.
Champion Select
  • [UX] When switching between champions, selected role will be reset.
    This means for a new selected champion the most common role will be selected instead of the role selected at the previous champion
Mini View
  • [Fix] Now is disabled for spectating/replay
    Because we can not detect the current game time with certainty there is no point in using the mini-view while spectating.
Status & Settings
  • [Feature] Link to clg experience hub added

Version 2.0.0 (2017/Jun/09)

This Version marks the beginning of our partnership with CLG. ( Announcement CLG, Announcement Overwolf).
Our Goal with this partnership is to bring unique features into the app, backed by collaborating with CLG and their players during development of those features.
We will of course continue to improve the core app independently to fix open issues and improve the general feature set.

We collect all those features under the term "The CLG Experience".

If you don't see value added for yourself through these features you can disable the CLG Experience within the app settings.
If you have cool ideas you want to share about what we could bring into the app regarding CLG, feel free to contact us through one of the links on top of the changelog.

As always, we are looking forward to your feedback!

New Feature (CLG Experience) – CLG Hub
  • Reachable through the banner on the champion select view (Desktop start)
  • Currently holds information and links regarding CLG
  • Will be extended in the future to provide additional CLG specific features, serving as an app section dedicated to CLG
New Feature (CLG Experience) – Builds Overview -> CLG Builds Section
  • The most recent build for the champion from up to 3 CLG players will show up here, to keep the needed space limited.
    We might tweak the visuals and behaviour of this section at a later point for it to be more versatile
  • In case the CLG Experience is enabled and you use a player filter only containing CLG Players, you will only get the CLG Builds section.
    This behaviour will definitely fixed at some point, but for now does not have very high priority.
New Feature (CLG Experience) – Status/Loading view -> CLG pregame tips
  • Tips appearing within the status screen when your match gets into loading screen.
    Make sure to let LB startup in loading screen to get the full benefit of those (check "launch App" ->  "on loading screen" within settings).
  • Tips are gathered from tips CLG players provide to us and from the default tips that RIOT has added themselves.
    We decided to add RIOT's Tips so we can provide some tips for every champion.
    Our goal obviously is to have Tips from CLG players for almost all champions in the future. To ensure these are high quality tips we will add them over time as the meta progresses, so CLG players can provide us with tips for their favorite and most played champions at the time.
  • Tips from CLG will always show up before the generic Tips from RIOT.
  • The pregame tips will not be influenced by the CLG Experience setting at this point in time since this feature is less intrusive then the CLG Builds Section.

Patch 1.16.4 (2017/04/20) 
  • Fixes
    • Update Galios skills and add support for Rakan und Xayah
Patch 1.16.3 (2017/04/12) 
  • Fixes
    • Prevent Ad-fallback on Status Window to take over the whole app-window when clicked
Patch 1.16.2 (2017/04/10) 
  • Fixes
    • When using the "Ignore Filtering this time" on the builds overview (when using Player Filter settings), the builds shown will be kept when switching between builds overview and detail-/mini view instead of switching back to the filtered builds
  • General
    • Link to knowledge base now is located in the app-header (?) instead of the settings-footer
    • Loading of builds should be way faster now when using Player Filter Settings then before
Patch 1.16.1 (2017/04/02) 
  • Fixes
    • When starting the App while another game then league is running, the desktop-version will be opened instead of trying to detect your champion
    • Summoner-settings component now properly resets its appearance when choosing "other region" and clicking "alright"
    • [Regression] Tooltip for "Detailed View" on Builds overview shows again
    • [Regression] Navigating between Builds Overview and Detailed View does not change the window-position
  • General
    • Possible self-opening popups from ads blocked
    • Caching for RIOT's item data and images is now done within the app's folder and should be cleaned up when you uninstall it
      Was: %LOCALAPPDATA%/overwolf/extensions/cache/LegendaryBuilds
      Now is: %LOCALAPPDATA%/overwolf/extensions/ickccnpponhhndcdifkkhefenihjcjbbikkeamhk/cache
      We can't remove the directory programmatically, so feel free to remove it. You can just paste the above path into your windows explorer adress-bar
    • We removed forcing your user browser!
      This means, if you don't want links within the app to open in overwolf's browser, go to overwolf-settings and uncheck the option below
  • Settings Window
    • Link to knowledge base added
    • Tooltips added explaining available settings

Version 1.16.0 (2017/03/28)

  • Added new Galio Image
  • [Rollback] Automatic Summoner Info Detection is disabled. This only affects new Users and those that cleanly reinstall Overwolf.
    We removed code relevant for the old Client and currently there is no way to detect your summoner information if not within a game. If you change your summoner between games this will still be detected correctly.
    We will focus to get this feature back for the new Client as soon as it is announced as final and the old client gets removed.
  • [Fix] App now should launch again for all users. Rollback mentioned before potentially fixed an issue with unexpected file structures of the the League Client.
Builds Overview
  • [Fix] Hovering an item within the "Legendary Builds" Row now correctly highlights Items that build into and out of the hovered item
Detail View 
  • [Feature] Skill mav-level / evolve order now is displayed explicitly within the Skill-Order Section
  • [Visual] Long Skill names (Skill-order Section) now will display more suitable
  • [Visual] Inactive Masteries now are displayed less prominent
Mini View
  • [Feature] Now stays visible for at least 5 seconds before it will attempt to close automatically after clicks on the game.


Patch 1.15.3 (2017/02/06)
  • Fixes
    • Builds Overview on game start should show up on first hotkey use now instead of being delayed/requiring multiple Hotkey uses
    • Builds Overview will now keep it's position from before if the app was closed when showing the mini-view last
  • General
    • Better quality images for many players
    • Team Information updated for Players participating in RIO leagues (LCS etc.)
      Streamers for the Teams will be updated over time 
    • Layout for Player Tooltip on Builds Overview/Details view tweaked
  • Player Filter Settings
    • Adding Team Logos
    • Filtering of the selection list can be done by team-tag/-name now
  • Builds Overview
    • Adding Team Logos to rows
Patch 1.15.2 (2017/01/23)
  • (Regression Bug V 1.15.1) App will no longer fail to start silently if League is not installed or not added to the Overwolf Games Library yet
Patch 1.15.1 (2017/01/19)
  • App will no longer fail to start if the new League Client is used without having the Legacy Client installed too
  • Client Detection (Legacy/New League Client) is now more reliable when switching between them
  • (New Client only) Automatic Summoner Information detection now is more reliable when using multiple accounts on the same PC
  • In the rare case we need you to enter your Summoner Information manually, the form is now integrated within the status window instead of opening as a standalone window

Version 1.15.0 (2017/01/17)

Buy Order joins the Build Detail Screen.
Note that data for buy order is added to newly imported matches. We will add the data for older matches when we finished changing our database for future updates.

New Feature – Buy Order

  • When Hovering an item, that item will be highlighted.
    Additionally, all items that this item can build into and is build from will be highlighted as well.
    This makes it easy to see in what order the player bought components for certain items or what he built out of an item and when.
  • Sold Items are grayed out and have "Sold" written over the image
General Changes
  • Item information from Riot and images for the items will now be stored on your disk to ensure accurate item information and fix missing item-images.
    Files will be stored within "%LOCALAPPDATA%/Overwolf/Extensions/cache/LegendaryBuilds" (paste that into your windows explorer navigation to open it).
    You can delete that Folder at any time if you feel like there are too many old files in there.
Builds Overview Screen
  • Hovering an item from the "Legendary Builds" or "Top builds analysis" row now behave like the buy order hover (highlighting same item and components/upgrades)
Bug Fixes
  • When the App starts for the first time while in a game and using the League Client Update, it should not fail to start anymore in some cases


Version 1.14.0 (2016/12/26)

Want to focus on a specific build from the App? You now can with our new mini view!
Smoother build-screening with additional keyboard interactions make it easier to switch
between builds and screens instead of having to hit the buttons if you're in a hurry.

Read on for detailed infos on the final update for 2016, and don't hesitate to let us know what you like and dislike about the changes/app on Twitter, Reddit or on the freshdesk

New Feature – Mini View
Note: To stay compliant with RIOT's 3rd party policies the mini-view will be hidden when you give commands to the game.

You reach this by selecting a build from the overview screen (only available within a running match) To test this you can open up a custom game.

  • See the final build the player went for within the match (default).
  • If you enabled dynamic build for the mini view within the settings, you get the upcoming build stage for the selected match.
  • Compare your overall gold/minion count for the match compared to the selected Pro Player match.
  • See in which order skills were maxed in the match. If the Champion has skill evolution (Kha'zix / Viktor) You can see the evolution order in an additional tooltip.
  • Mini View will be opened when you die or hit "b" for backport

New Feature – Build control hotkeys

We added the following convenience controls to the App to make navigating between screens/builds easier and faster:
Please note, that the windows need to have focus for the hotkeys to work. If they don't, just click the window and they should be working.

  • Builds Overview Screen:
    • double click a pro-player row to get to the Detail Screen
    • Shift + click a pro-player row to get to the Mini Screen
    • Use arrow-keys to choose game stages
  • Detail View:
    • double click somewhere within the window to go back to the Builds Overview Screen
    • Use arrow-keys to choose builds
  • Mini View:
    • double click within the window to go back to the Builds Overview Screen
    • Use arrow-keys to choose game stages
General Changes
  • Links within the app are now opened within your default system browser.
  • Builds Overview Screen and Mini View will now remember their positions on your screen if you moved them and reposition acchordingly when shown
Builds Overview Screen
  • If selecting a role it will now stay active when switching between Detail/Mini View and Builds Overview. It also will stay active when View is reloaded by changing the Player Filter (If the selected Role is still available after the reload)
Bug Fixes
  • If you close the Status Screen before builds we're loaded, the window will appear again when data is ready.
  • inactive Masteries in Detail View now are displayed correctly


Version 1.13.0 (2016/12/15)

Now you can get more detailed information about the pro builds.
Also, loading times for the App have been improved drastically (at the cost that there might be wrong images/tooltips shown in older (last season+) builds.

For the Reddit Users of you, we created a subreddit as an additional possibility to get in touch and make your voice heard. So even easier to scream at us if something is wrong now 🙂

New Feature – Build Details Screen

You reach this by selecting a build from the overview screen

Detailed Buy Order will be enabled in the near future to show you the exact build-path the player took within that match

General Changes
  • We now have our own subreddit
  • The Majority of the images and static data are now stored next to the app files.
    Only the latest versions will be stored for now to restrict storage usage so for older builds there might be inconsistencies appearing in images/tooltips from time to time. We will observe if this is a problem and act accordingly in future releases.
    Please don't hesitate to contact us if you notice unacceptable situations with this handling.
  • Control Wards are treated as consumables and show up last in the item-builds row
Builds Screen
  • Player Filter option is undergoing a redesign and has been removed from the builds overview screen until then. It is still accessible through the settings screen
  • Now the currently selected role is shown in the header of the window
  • The Popups telling you to "choose a role" and to "select a build" will now only open once per app start, instead of every time the screen gets created
  • Layout adapted for adding the Detail screen
  • Clicking on the icon of the "Top Builds Analysis" row now leads to the respective champion.gg page
Bug Fixes
  • If you now open the Builds overview in a game after the 3-minute mark for the first time, the right stage of the game should be selected from the tabs instead of "START".
  • Player Filter checkboxes now don't act weird anymore


Patch 1.12.3 (2016/11/20)
Summoner / Championdetection fixed for Overwolf 0.99.218 (this is now the minimum required version)
fixed Summoner / Champion / Replay detection support for LCU

Patch 1.12.2 (2016/11/14)
Adding News-section to Champion-select and Status windows with our Twitter-giveaway announcement.
When starting a league match while builds for a champion are already shown, closing the window by pressing "X" button does no longer prevent the hotkey / dock functionality for the app to work
Playerfilter dropdown will no longer produce "Cannot read property 'indexOf' of null" in some cases
Reduced RAM / Process footprint

Patch 1.12.1 (2016/11/08)
Add Champion-images to the app so the Champ-select window should feel less clunky on start
Fixed an display-issue when champion.gg delivers missing item-data

Version 1.12.0 (2016/11/07)

A minor version bumb but with big technical changes behind it, the app is now running on angular 2, pathing the way to our next feature-updates with Build-details, Player-overview and more

General Changes
  • made it more obvious that and where Hotkey of the app can be changed
  • More missing player-images added
Builds Window
  • When opening the window, the upcoming stage is selected instead of the most recent one
    e.g. you're 12 Minutes into the game, the 15 Minute tab will be selected.
    For the first 3 Minutes into the game it will still show the starter tab.
  • renamed "reset" button to more appropriate "cancel" button
  • Popup within Builds-window now closes after clicking "save" or "cancel"
  • Selected Players are now in sync between builds- and settings-window at all times
  • Minor styling tweaks for more seamless integration into builds-window
  • Error message (if tracked players could not be loaded) is now more accurate and can be removed by clicking it
Bug Fixes
  • Hotkey now gets correctly enabled when app was already running before game started
  • Increased reliability of Error-handling / retry mechanic, especially when lost internet connection during app-start
  • Fixed possible bugs with game- and matchstart detection


Patch 1.11.2 (2016/11/01)
Increased app stability
Link to Changelog added again on the version numbers (were accidentally removed in 1.11.1)

Patch 1.11.1 (2016/10/29)
Fixed Region-select not being clickable in Summoner-Settings

Version 1.11.0 (2016/10/25)

  • When neccessary you will be asked to enter your summoner details again instead of an empty window opening
  • fixed error-handling for cases when tracked Players for Player filtering can not be loaded
General Changes
  • Add link to changelog on versioning number (Status- / Settings Window)
  • Window's base layout now is consistent throughout the app
  • Added arrow icons to expandable sections for clarity
Player filtering
  • Now is integrated within settings- and builds window instead of opening in separate window
  • renamed from "Filter Professional Builds" to "Filter Professional Players"
  • Styling of input tweaked
  • List of Players now shows the players' name before the team-tag for better readability
Builds Window
  • Show active role on recommended builds row
  • Show champion.gg build winning percentage in respective row
Settings Window
  • Layout tweaked

Version 1.10.0 (2016/10/11)

  • App now does not get stuck anymore when waiting for match to start (by setting or when resetting summoner-info at match-start)
  • Items within builds are now ordered consistent throughout all game stages.
    This only affects builds imported after 2016/10/11
  • Removed the static kda in the recommended build row
  • Showing appropriate message when there are not Pro-player builds available after resetting PLayer filtering within the Builds-Window
  • There is now an appropriate Error-message in case of new champions until we have builds to display (instead of the Builds-Window just dieing)
General Changes
  • We now have a Twitter account as additional channel for news and your feedback!
  • Summoner Settings are now better integrated within Settings- and Builds Window
  • Feedback-links are now represented by the Twitter- and Overwolf-logo (Settings- / Status- / Builds-Window)
Internal Changes
  • All old and new games imported now include masteries, runes and skill-order information for upcoming features
  • Reducing RAM footprint by removing simpleIOPlugin when not needed anymore
  • Summoner name and region now gets stored in lowercase for consistency
Summoner Settings
  • Form Design tweaked
  • Increased usability:
    Region now can be set by navigating to the input with “tab” and selecting the region with up/down arrow keys
  • Errors are now displayed with the Form instead of defering to the Status Window


Version 1.9.0 (2016/09/28)

Builds Window
  • User Build not loaded by default anymore (behaviour adjustable in settings)
    Since you might not be interested in their own build-progression during the last game, the User-build section now is optional. This will lower the initial loading time for the Build-window most of the times bc. we can't cache your builds and have to go all the way to riot and back through our server logic before delivering it to you.
  • You can load your own build after opening the builds-window by clicking the link that is shown instead
  • Setting "always load my build" will restore the previous behaviour
  • Setting "disable my build" will remove the whole section

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