Captured media & Highlights

1. Overview

One of the great features of the Overwolf Game Summary Screen is the captured media and highlights recap.
There, you can review all of the videos and screenshots you captured during the session, and watch exciting highlights automatically captured for you by Overwolf.

2. What types of media are displayed in this section?

The following media types are displayed:

  • timeline-icon_video Videos captured by you
    Videos you captured using the Game Capture app or using the manual recording feature of the Replay HUD app.
  • timeline-icon_screenshot Screenshots captured by you
    Screenshots you captured using the Game Capture app.
  • timeline-icon_death Death replays auto-captured by Replay HUD
    Death replays automatically captured by the Replay HUD app when an in-game death is detected.
    * This feature requires the Replay HUD app installed. If you still don’t have it,  you can get it here.
  • timeline-icon_ult Ult GIFs auto-generated by UltCam
    GIFs auto-generated by Overwolf UltCam.
    UltCam is a built-in Overwolf feature (no app installation is required).
    * See more information about UltCam below.

3. What is this “UltCam” thingy?

The Overwolf UltCam auto-generates exciting GIFs when you use ultimate abilities in MOBA games. When playing a MOBA game, UltCam will automatically create an animated GIF each time you use an ultimate ability, creating an awesome way for you to review and share your best kills and saves. The UltCam is a built-in Overwolf feature (no app installation is required).
* See more information regarding supported games and champions below.

4. What games are supported by UltCam?

The Overwolf UltCam currently supports League of Legends only. We plan to expand this feature to additional MOBA games like DOTA2, SMITE and more.

5. Which champions are supported by UltCam?

UltCam supports almost all League of Legends champions. However, UltCam is not available for the following champions due to the nature of their ultimate ability:

  1. Anivia
  2. Elise
  3. Jayce
  4. Karma
  5. Kassadin
  6. Nidalee
  7. Swain
  8. Teemo
  9. Udyr
  10. Quinn

6. Why is UltCam disabled on my system?

The UltCam is automatically disabled in the following scenarios:

7. I opened the settings and got an UltCam related error. What does it mean?

  • “UltCam is disabled due to possible performance issues with your system”
    Why did you get this error?
    We’ve detected a possible performance issue with your hardware. Capturing images for the UltCam GIF takes some computing power, and might cause performance issues on lower-end PC’s. Since we don’t want to hurt your gaming experience, we automatically turned off UltCam on your system.
    How can this be fixed?
    You can turn the UltCam back on, so it retries to capture images during your next game session. If this error message is repeated on your next Game Summary Screen, then you would need a stronger hardware in order to use UltCam.
  • “UltCam is disabled because the key combination you use for ultimate ability in League of Legends is not supported”
    Why did you get this error?
    We’ve detected that you use a key combination to trigger your ultimate ability. UltCam does not support using key combinations to trigger Ults.
    How can this be fixed?
    Open the game’s option menu and change your ultimate ability key to a single key. Open the settings menu in Overwolf Game Summary Screen* and turn UltCam back on.
    * You can open the Overwolf Game Summary at any time by right clicking on the Overwolf tray icon and choosing “Game Summary”.

8. I can’t find the GifCam gifs. Where are they?

The GifCam gifs are saved by default in your local Pictures storage (C:\Users\Or\Pictures\Overwolf\Game Summary). In order to modify the location of your saved gifs, you need to change the location in your Game Summary Screen settings/Overwolf Capture settings

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