Black screen while recording with Overwolf

1. Compatibility Mode

The compatibility mode in the Overwolf capture settings is meant to provide users with average gaming rigs a way to record their games and highlights. This mode basically forces your recorder to use a technology called ‘shared memory’ instead of the more advanced and graphically consuming ‘shared texture’.

This option is not meant to be used on high-end rigs (strong GPU/CPU) and can cause them FPS issues and/or black screen recordings.


2. PC with both Intel Quicksync and Nvidia Nvenc

Having both Quicksync and NVENC (encoding technologies by new Intel processors and new Nvidia graphic cards) on your PC might affect the Overwolf recorder and cause black screen recordings.

*Note - The very first thing you can do is to make sure that your graphics driver is updated (in case you have a GeForce card and using NVENC).
The issue seems to be related to which graphic card is assigned to Overwolf and your game. If your Overwolf capture settings are set to use the Intel on-board graphics card and the game is set to use the Nvidia graphics card, you will get a black screen instead of the gameplay you recorded when you watch the video file.

To workaround this issue, please follow these steps:

  1. Launch Overwolf
  2. Launch the Nvidia control panel (right click on the desktop)
  3. Open the Overwolf video recorder app and start recording
  4. Click on "Manage 3D settings"
  5. Go to the Program settings tab
  6. Click on "Add" and look for a program called "Overlay" (overwolfoverlayhelper.exe) and select it
  7. Stop the video recording
  8. Make sure the Overwolf overlay process uses the same graphics card as the game you're trying to record

Here's a video guide as well (not done by Overwolf) -

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