Achievement Rewards – Alienware League of Legends – What is it?

What is the Achievement Rewards?

The Overwolf’s Achievement Rewards program hooks you with real-life gaming products for completing in-game challenges successfully. This challenge for League of Legends is brought to you by Alienware.

What are the campaign prizes?

Everyone who scores a Triple-Kill, wins the match and completes the instructions below wins:

  1. 650 Riot points!
  2. A chance to win the grand prize: a $2500 Alienware Aurora gaming computer coupled with an Alienware gaming monitor.

How do I start?

  1. Have Overwolf installed and running (preferably with ReplayHud installed, so that you'll get high-quality videos).
  2. Start a PvP match in League of Legends during a weekend when the challenge is live (ranked or draft only).

    1. The following game modes are prohibited (a) CO-OP Vs AI, (b) training, (c) custom Game, (d) any game with bots, (e) ARAM or Twisted Treeline, (f) temporary game modes (e.g. One For All, Ultra Rapid Fire).
  3. Once the match starts you will get an in-game challenge notification indicating that the challenge is on.
  4. Score a triple-kill. You will get a second in-game notification letting you know that you are only one step away from completing the achievement.
  5. Win the match with your team. You will get the third and final notification, telling you to go ahead and redeem your reward in Overwolf Game Summary window.
  6. Once the match is finished, Overwolf Game Summary will automatically open (Make sure to enable it). If it does not open automatically, you can open it manually from the Overwolf tray icon.
  7. The Game Summary window will direct you to share your awesome achievement video. Click on the SHARE button (Don't go to 'Overwolf Accounts' in the settings menu, that's not related to the event).
  8. After you click SHARE and login to Facebook, approve Alienware's request to post on your wall, continue by sharing your epic achievement video. 
  9. Once your video is shared successfully, you will receive a code for 650 Riot points in the Game Summary. Copy the code and redeem it on the League of Legends client. (You can find detailed instructions on how to redeem your code here). If you closed the Game Summary window and need to re-open it, just right click the taskbar Overwolf tray icon and click 'Game Summary'.
  10. Once you shared your video, you will automatically participate in a raffle for a $2500 Alienware gaming rig. Winners will be announced on our Twitter page


Challenge schedule:

The Alienware challenge will be active on the following weekends:

Sat Apr 14th 00:00 AM – Mon Apr 16th 06:59 AM
Sat Apr 21st 00:00 AM – Mon Apr 23rd 06:59 AM
Sat Apr 28th 00:00 AM – Mon Apr 30th 06:59 AM

* The winner of the raffle will be announced on Thursday May 3rd.



  • The Alienware challenge is available in the US only (you need to live in the US, and have a valid US shipping address).
  • You have to be 18+ to participate.
  • Overwolf must be installed, running and updated to its latest version.
  • Overwolf Game Summary window for Legaue of Legends must be enabled.
  • The League of Legends match must be a PvP match between two live groups, on the Summoner's Rift map, in draft or ranked.
    (CO-OP Vs AI, training, custom games, and games with bots are excluded from the campaign).
  • A "Triple-Kill" is defined as scoring a “Triple Kill” event in League of Legends.
  • The challenge must be completed within the time frame of the campaign (see campaign schedule).
  • By participating in this program, you agree that we can re-use the awesome videos of your glorious kills and wins in order to earn the reward.
  • Read the full terms here.
  • GLHF and destroy the enemy!

Got more questions? Need assistance? Please check out the campaign's FAQ page!

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